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St. Lucia Dolphins

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Government of St. Lucia Policy on Tourism

Diamond FallsSection D. Tourism
"5.16 Traditionally the focus was on promoting St. Lucia generally so that it becomes better known.

The strategic plan suggests that St. Lucia needs to be marketed so that it can be associated with a certain image and brand.

According to a recently conducted survey visitors are motivated to travel to St. Lucia because of the greenery, waterfalls, nature trails, diving and other attributes.

The island therefore needs to be promoted more actively along these lines."

Extract from the Principle 13 of the St. George's Declaration of Principles for Environmental Sustainability, that was adopted by St. Lucia in April 2001, and requires each Member State to:

Take appropriate measures to ensure that activities within its jurisdiction do not damage the biological diversity and the environment of another state, within or beyond the limits of that other State's national jurisdiction (St. George's Declaration).

Extract from the St. Lucia National Trust's statement on the proposed captive dolphin facility :

"... The National Trust will therefore only support wild animals in captivity if there is a compelling argument of conservation to protect an endangered species or a strong research component the results of which are used to understand the lifecycle of the animals and to improve their health. Neither of these prerequisites exists in this case and we therefore cannot support the implementation of this project in St. Lucia".