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St. Lucia Dolphins

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St. Lucia Press Articles

For St. Lucian press articles regarding the proposal please read:

SLAPS Press Release, 9th November 2002 - Unconfirmed reports from Dominica suggest that one of the four dolphins moved from the controversial facility in Tortola recently, has died.

St. Lucia Star, 9th November 2002 - Do we want to be known for killing dolphins?

St. Lucia Star, 19th October 2002 - Donít allow dolphin "incarceration"

St. Lucia Mirror, 18th October 2002 - Sutherland Says: "It Has Nothing To Do With St. Lucia"

St. Lucia Star, 16th October 2002 - Dolphin Fantaseas or Dolphin Fallacies?

St. Lucia Star, 12th October 2002 - What do you think about the setting up of a dolphin facility in St. Lucia?

St. Lucia Star, 5th October 2002 - Does captivity mean lack of respect for dolphins?

St. Lucia Star, 5th October 2002 - The Dolphin Debate: Opposing factions face off

St. Lucia Voice, 5th October 2002 - Stakeholders Optimistic, but: ENVIRONMENTALISTS WANT TO DISPEL FANTASEAS

St. Lucia Mirror, 4th October 2002 - Dolphin Fantaseas fails to convince Environmentalists, DAMAGE CONTROL

St. Lucia Star, 2nd October 2002 - Who and What is Dolphin Fantaseas?

St. Lucia Star, 18th September 2002 - When it comes to dolphins Chastanet knows best

St. Lucia Star, 14th September 2002 - Will DCA say yes to Chastanet’s dolphins?

St. Lucia Mirror, 6th September 2002 - The St. Lucia Whale and Dolphin Watching Association (SLWDWA) has elected a new executive

For what St. Lucians are saying about the proposal please read the St. Lucia Star Discussion Boards

From recent discussion on

Capturing and Displaying Wild Animals for Tourism $:
"The capture and display of wild animals should never be considered as a substitute for a poor tourism government policy. I have visited St Lucia many times and have been disapointed in its governments ability to understand the basic fundimentals of tourism and marketing. Since september 11th 2001, the lack of visitors to the island has dramatically decreased leaving many businesses in tatters. The St Lucian governments answer has been to raise the taxes placed on the few entering tourists and visitors arriving by plane or boat, rather than constructing and executing on a comprehensive tourism marketing campaign.

Capturing dolphins and placing them on display will not attract new tourism to the islands or benefit the businesses of the Carribean including St Lucia. I have less issues with reserves been created to encourage dolphin visits, and I think the public would rather see the visit of a wild dolphin than that of an emprisoned one.

Mind you I guess that would probably have to mean that the St Lucian government would also have to bann and enforce the hunting of both dolphins and whales, which still takes place on the island, along with the almost complete destruction of the Conch.