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Saturday October 19 2002
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Don’t allow dolphin ‘incarceration’

Again the children who comprise Lolita’s Legion are asking, “Why can’t adults just leave the dolphins alone”? Lolita’s Legion, an all childrens’ network worldwide, is opposed to the incarceration of all cetaceans. Their main concern is Lolita, a killer whale held in captivity in the Miami Seaquarium.
However, since becoming involved in that campaign six years ago, they realised that the problem is far bigger than just one killer whale. The Legion is asking readers to visit a web site on the internet, presented by the Cetacean Freedom Network, and then decide that although it is fun to watch dolphins and whales, it is just down-right wrong to capture them and make them do tricks. The web address is It is available in English and Spanish.
As the Director of Lolita’s Legion, I urge your lawmakers to put a stop to this needless slaughter. I urge you to put the facts before the people and they will say no to whale jails and keep the dolphins and whales in the oceans where they belong.


Rick, you have a great future ahead!

I must compliment you on your article “St Lucia God Squad” (STAR September 18, 2002). It was an amazing piece or work.
As a literature student, I would say that you have an amazing career ahead of you, Rick Wayne, all this irony, and biblical imagery etc, brought out just the right effects.
Keep up the good writing. Just try to be a little less blasphemic, huh?


A sense of belonging

The verb BELONG is followed by the preposition TO not ON. Ipso facto, the verb always takes the dative case since it is an intransitive verb.
May I add that in French the verb also takes the dative case, for example “appartenir à” and “être à”. And in German too, the verb takes the dative case (gehören).
Quote: “Consider his head; reminiscent of a Halloween pumpkin, clearly, it does not naturally BELONG ON his puny torso.”

So pleased to detect in this country an interest in language other than langmamanoo. As for your comment, you’re right, sort of, and wrong at the same time. Belong in the sense of ownership obviously takes ‘to’ however in the sense that I used it, that is to say, with reference to appropriate placement, belong ‘on’ is perfectly correct. In much the same way it would be absolutely correct to write: “This plate does not belong on that table.” Also it would be correct to say: “This category of book does not belong on that shelf.” Then again, it would still be correct to say: “This belongs with that over there.” Finally, you will observe that belong takes to, in and on, and it takes with. It all depends on how the word is used.


Abolishment of Privy Council A disservice

On the subject of the abolishment of the Privy Council I instinctively feel that it would be a disservice to the people of the Caribbean, St Lucia inclusive.
If as stated the judiciaries are funded by the tax payers and the Civil Society then these are the people who should have the final say—via referendums throughout the Caribbean. (This should apply also to major changes such as the introduction of gambling to the island.)
At this point in time, justice on the whole is elitist, and for the poor man—no money, no representation, so clearly if one has reached the stage Privy Council one has to have the means.
I personally feel the benefit of keeping the Privy Council will be peace of mind knowing that the decisions remain impartial, impersonal and objective and most importantly, uninfluenced by Caribbean politicians, some of whom are not noted for their honesty, integrity or impartiality.


What is it with our judicial system?

I must commend your reporter for taking the time to bring the story of Rambo to us. I must say that it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in our St Lucia judicial system. Since when has it become constitutional to just walk a prisoner—an escaped prisoner to be more precise—back to his cell? And what’s worse is that it was done by his lawyer!
This is absurd, an insult to our judicial system adding more woes to the plight of our people. When is anything going to be right? When will we stand as a country guided by a constitution? When will we stop allowing lawyers decide what is the right verdict? When will our nation rise to the standards of our models? When will our taxes be put into good use and our children be given a chance or an opportunity to choose? Just when will I be proud and say “yes” I am coming back home?