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St. Lucia Dolphins

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SOS Dolphins The Black List - a list of establishments we urge you NOT to visit

The Dolphin Project - the original dolphin project dedicated to abolishing the billion-dollar dolphin slave trade.

Captivity Stinks - see how many dolphins are "dying to entertain us".

IDA Action Alerts - Antigua's efforts to prevent the construction of dolphin swim facility.

In the Caribbean - Caribbean website directory

Miami Sea Prison - Animal Abusement Park


Earth Island Journal
Extract from article entitled "Scientists speak out for dolphins" by Mark J. Palmer

"..reported impacts of the intentional chase and capture of dolphins by the tuna purseseiners include spontaneous abortion of dolphin fetuses, separation of calves from mothers, gradual separation of dolphins from the orginal herd to decrease the number of dolphins in the nets, unobserved injuries caused by chase boat propellers and illegal use of explosives to herd dolphins, bleeding injuries on dolphins counted and released as "alive", catatonic within the nets, disruption of feeding, mating, and caring for young, and increased vulnerability to predation to sharks."

From our Petition site
Re: Dolphin: "Last Friday, 11-15-02, the County of Maui banned dolphin displays and made it a jailable offense. For more information contact Stephanie D at Pacific Whale Foundation or check their web site. Aloha."

Dolphins rock: "Dolphins rock they're beutiful creatures and should remain in the wild not in Malls(west/ed/mall edm,Alb,Can), or lil aquriams they should stay free in the world just like were free!!!!!!"